11 American Treasures That Were Never Found

11 American Treasures That Were Never Found

From pirate plunder to gangster gold, here are 11 American treasures that were never found…so you still have a chance!!

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11. Blackbeard
The mysterious Edward Teach is better known by his other name – Blackbeard the pirate. We know more about Blackbeard’s terrible adventures than we do about the man behind that excessive facial hair. He actually made full use of his beard, reportedly burning fuses in it so he smelled like something from Hell itself!

10. Dutch Schultz
We usually associate treasure with pirates, but gangsters bury it also! Before he was killed by rivals in 1935, the infamous Dutch Schultz is thought to have hidden a $7 million dollar stash in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. It isn’t known whether the treasure is actually there, or if it’s just a tall tale.

9. Jesse James
Now this is an interesting one. The Wild West outlaw Jesse James buried gold bullion to collect later on, but he hid the bounty in various locations. While some of the bullion has actually been found, some of it hasn’t. So it’s both found and not found! That said, the story behind the gold is fascinating. It came from a Mexican Govt transport that was robbed by the James Gang in 1876.

8. John S. Mosby
John S. Mosby was a clever and dangerous man from Virginia. Serving for the Confederates during the Civil War, his famous nickname was the “Grey Ghost”. Why did they call him that? It was because of his skills as a raider, where he and the men he commanded would swoop in and out at night. He was so good at this that the group were called “Mosby’s Rangers”.

7. Lufthansa Heist
At the end of 1978, a major robbery took place that went down in history as the biggest heist of its kind on US soil. The target was the Lufthansa Cargo Building, part of JFK Airport in New York. This attention-grabbing crime was carried out by the Lucchese crime family. Waiting for them in the vault was around $5 million in cash and jewelry to the value of $875,000.

6. The Fenn Treasure
Millionaire author and art collector Forrest Fenn was diagnosed with cancer and vowed to hide a treasure chest containing some of his most valuable possessions sometime before he died. In 2010, he buried an antique lock box full of goodies somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The treasure is rumored to be worth $3 million, but nobody knows what its contents truly consist of.

5. Old Ozark Cave
In Sulphur Springs, north west Arkansas, there’s a cave called the Old Spanish Treasure Cave. This rocky region is part of the Ozark Mountains that cover several states. The Springs are located along the Missouri/Arkansas border, and according to legend Spanish Conquistadors buried a plundered fortune there.

4.Palemano Point
Palemano Point is found off the Big Island, aka Hawaii, and is reckoned to hold many secret treasures beneath the waves. For starters there’s plunder aplenty, courtesy of 16th century pirate Captain Thomas Cavendish. That name sounds pretty swanky for a pirate and it was – Cavendish was a wealthy Englishman who did that kind of thing for a laugh by the sounds of it!
3. Shawnee Silver Mines
It’s known that the Shawnee Indians used silver to make stuff like amulets. But where did they get this silver from, hundreds of years ago? Was there a horde of silver treasure somewhere? Or were the Shawnee more industrious? Various stories claim they were mining their own metal and using furnaces to smelt it down.

2. Ted Binion Silver
When talented gambling exec Ted Binion died in 1998 at the relatively young age of 55, the story made headlines. Binion’s father Benny was well known on the Las Vegas casino circuit, and Ted appeared to live the life of a movie character, taking drugs and getting in with gangsters and politicians.

1. Thomas Beale Ciphers
Thomas J Beale has a lot to answer for! He was supposedly acting on behalf of adventurers from Virginia, who entrusted to him their riches. Beale hid the treasures for them in Bedford County. Who were these adventurers? No-one knows. Where in the county did he hide the loot? No-one knows. But it is known what the treasure looks like.

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