2 Tales of Lost Treasure & Loot in the Wild West…

2 Tales of Lost Treasure & Loot in the Wild West…

For millennia, folks around the world have passed down stories of lost treasure both by land and by sea. Across all corners of the planet, you’re bound to happen upon a tale of buried gold, misplaced riches, or disappeared diamonds, no matter who it is you speak to or whatever ledger you pick up and read. Some treasure stories revolve around ancient artifacts detailing the past lives of lost civilizations, resources of newfound knowledge and historical enlightenment. Others revolve around mankind’s inherent drive towards wealth and fortune, often coming with lessons on greed, materialism, and the consequences of conquest.

Usually, these types of tales take place on the coasts of untamed waters or in unexplored territories of countries far from America, much less the western frontier. However, when taking a closer look at the records and textbooks detailing life in the American west, you’ll find there are plenty of similar stories regarding gold, artifacts, and other legendary loot circulating around west of the Mississippi River. Thus, to better grasp the lore surrounding treasure-laden quests from across the frontier, here are two tales of lost treasure originating in the wild west…

0:00 Introduction
1:17 The Legend of Treasure Mountain
11:02 Flagstaff’s Lost Outlaw Loot

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