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    I heard a story like that here in Tennessee. Indian’s blind folded a white man took him by horse ride showed him the cave.With in says ride of here.

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    Please put the title, author of your reference book. I enjoy your history segments. Look forward to them. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey Robert, just want to say first that you are doing a great job and I really respect on what you do and for me to learn about Georgia history! So speaking of history and as for me leaving in Oklahoma, I don’t know if you knew about this, but when you were mentioning about the Ross Family and the Ross Mountain it caught my attention. Mary Ross who you mentioned on your VLOG, is the mother of John Ross, the Chief of the Cherokee Nation in early 1830’s in GA and I believe TN too. The family lived on the land around Ross mountain, before removing to the new lands and what is now Oklahoma during the 1838 Trail of Tears removal. I believe his home is still standing in a well preserve condition in Rossville, GA as a dog trot log home. After the removal, Chief John Ross & family made their new home near Park Hill, OK, southeast of Tahlequah, OK, but later his home was burned to the ground during civil war. Chief John Ross died in (1790 – 1866) Washington D.C. and is buried at his Ross Family cemetery near Park Hill, OK with other of his family members who also came over during the removal. I knew we had some Oklahoma and Georgia connection, lol! I’m not affiliated with the Cherokee, but just know a few stuff about the Ross Family and the history. Keep up the good work brother and until next time, I’ll watch you on your next adventure!

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    This story has similarities to a silver mine that an Indian used to obtain his "drinking funds" many years ago in the Somerset County, PA area. He was supposedly found beaten to death on the old Glade Road between Somerset and Bedford near Deeter’s Gap. For more I wrote on this, including the possible mine location go to:

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    I’ve been panning in Georgia and Alabama… placer gold. not much but its fun to pan it.

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    There was a gold rush in Georgia, which was found right after they evicted the Indians from northern Georgia, they were collecting enough gold to have a gold mint in Dahlonega. GA. If you can swing a tour in the old Court house in Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, in the basement you can still see the gold in the bricks, they made for the construction of the building. There is still some gold being found, both Alluvial gold (placer gold) and Eluvial gold (hard rock gold).
    There was a lot of experienced gold miners that went to California in "59, that came from GA.

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    Ross you say? Any kin to John Ross? I only know of the Ross House near Chattanooga, mainly because they’re kin. I know that he had three daughters and that one of them became a rather wild woman with adventures in the West. How tangled are we down here???

  27. THE OLD BYRD FARM VLOG on August 25, 2022 at 1:16 pm

    The third episode of β€œThe History Minute”. This time we read about a local-to-me legend!

    Help Save The Byrd House: https://www.paypal.me/rwrightphotography

    Sidestep Adventures
    PO Box 206
    Waverly Hall, Georgia

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    Robert, did you know the first gold rush was around Dalonega, Georgia
    This had all the prospectors eyes open years before the CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH of the late 1840’s
    Go west young fella, became the saying of the day! But Much gold dust turned up continuously at the foot of the mountains, but meanwhile, out west that"""DAMNED BLUE STUFF"" as it was dubbed, was found to be a silver!…. I remember hearing my grandmother describe (early 1910’s) crossing Chauga river seeing a mule leaving it’s footprint in a large vein of lead that literally crossed the chauga river leading into north Georgia, it flashed as chrome from the suns bright rays when the heavy animal mired a steel shoe into the soft metal, just slightly beneath the surface of the water, the steel horseshoe mashed/skint the oxidation of this massive vein, reflecting a bright flash from the sun! yes, there is still much in THEM THAR HILLS!

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