Made roughly a decade before statehood, this educational film is about the importance of Alaska, primarily by showcasing its many valuable resources. Copyright 1948.

Opening titles: A Coronet Instructional Film – Alaska: A Modern Frontier (Revised) (:06-:26). Horses help plow a field. Dirt roads and houses, including a Quonset hut (:44). Raging water. Globe of the world, airline routes from the United States to Alaska (:27-1:13). Alaska compared to the rest of the United States in terms of size. Aerial Alaskan sites: mountains, forests. Alaska on a map. North of the Arctic Circle, Alaska is seen as we know it, barren and windswept. Cool summers. Central Alaska, the heat is the same as New York City during the summer. A woman works in a garden. KSL Co. yard (2:12) Fields near a farm (1:14-2:42). Canadian border: “Entering Alaska, Leaving Yukon Territory” sign. Car drives down a road. Alaska, Dawson Creek, Canada and the United States on a map. Alaskan Highway. Dirt road stretches across rugged country. Fairbanks, AK. Buildings including the Dawson Co-Operative Union, mile 0 on the Alaska Highway (3:00), downtown, houses, buses. Alaska Railroad passenger car (2:43-4:14). DC-3 airplane on the tarmac. Smaller airplane takes off. United States to China airoutes go over Alaska on a globe of the world. Alaska Airlines DC-3. Small seaplane with pontoons. Mining machinery is being loaded into a plane. Machinery is unloaded at its destination. Gold mining. Big mining dredges for gold mining (4:15-6:07). Alaskan fishing village. Salmon is what the fishermen seek. Silver salmon jump in the water. A farmhouse. Horses help plow a field. Crops in a field. Poultry farms. Dairy farming. Map of Alaska. Nome, AK. Inside a small plane heading by Mt. McKinley. Snow on the mountains. Glaciers (6:08-8:03). Coast off the Bering Sea. Eskimo village. Eskimos wear parkas and walk. Boats with Eskimos rowing. Native Eskimo live. In Nome, tourists watch Eskimos. Log cabins, city life. State University near Fairbanks, AK. Construction and developing in Alaska. Alaska on the globe. Timber, minerals, fish, and farmlands of Alaska. Young children play in Alaska (8:04-10:17). End credits (10:18-10:23).

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  1. @napalmholocaust9093 on March 28, 2024 at 9:01 am

    This green eyed grab for gold, oil, timber and fish. The nails must be torn away the way they claw and rake the earth.

  2. @troyanacker7190 on March 28, 2024 at 9:13 am

    Glad to been born in Fairbanks in 1962 seen a lot of changes since then some good some bad nice clip thanks

  3. @scottlarsh3119 on March 28, 2024 at 9:20 am

    Alaska is dope AF

  4. @caseface8022 on March 28, 2024 at 9:22 am

    Love the content keep up the awesome work!

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    Thank you, shared!

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