Art Treasures of Nebraska – Jacob Lawrence

Art Treasures of Nebraska – Jacob Lawrence

“Paper Boats” (1949). Vibrant colors and social overtones shade Jacob Lawrence’s Paper Boats. At first glance, the scene appears playful – three men sailing paper boats on a street. But a closer look suggests another scenario. The men are slumped over and their faces express sadness or hopelessness. Lawrence grew up in poverty and was largely self-trained in the arts. But he achieved fame at age 21, using bold colors and angular forms to depict scenes of African-American history. “Paper Boats” captures the Harlem experience, and it’s an art treasure of Nebraska at Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery.

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  1. @MrFalconford on January 4, 2024 at 8:48 am

    what do you mean by self trained, if you mean not acquiring a degree from a college or university then so be it however there are plenty of artists with degrees what are we going to do with them, i think this area of the arts was completely miswritten and profiled incorrectly due to the color of his skin, location of discovery, time &c he was interested in perspective its to late to rewrite it now so move forward and learn from the mistakes of the greedy, cant believe this was posted in 2006 sad

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