Beavertail Top Secret Spraycliff Observatory – Rhode Island – Treasure Hunting

Beavertail Top Secret Spraycliff Observatory – Rhode Island – Treasure Hunting

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My journey starts to explore the area of top secret military observatory during the second world war it was a radar station and a lot of secret things were happening here it’s right in jamestown beavertail state park spray cliff and you can come right here and park no problem and the path begins right here so it nature reclaimed my understanding is that major reclaimed most of it but i’m gonna try to find some remnants of the buildings fund from the foundations certainly the cistern which is visible for google maps so join me on that on that discovery and hopefully it’s going to be fruitful and definitely very interesting historically place to come explore to treasure hunters observatory located on the beavertail peninsula on kunanika island which is the town of jamestown was a top secret world war ii facility the activities of spray cleave observatory provided a crucial contribution to the us navy and its pacific operation during world war ii and during world war ii little was known of the highly confidential activities at spray clip even today information honored its cares although i conducted a number of searches of various places i have not uncovered much

there are some interviews and some correspondence of the actual person but many admitted that to their recollection of the events that occurred almost 75 years ago they are somewhat vague

so back in rhode island beginning in 1941 and for the next 30 uh three years the beavertail peninsula from just north of beavertail farm and south to beavertail light station was close to the general public and devoted to the war effort and post-war defense while many rhode islanders are generally aware that military operations existed on beaver tail few details have been brought to the light about the extent and the description of the top secret equipment deployed there in world war ii and during the cold war period between 1950s and all the way through 1974 when the facilities were finally closed the property now belonging to the state of rhode island right this way is known as beavertail trying to locate the cistern which shows on google maps because the actual building where the radar system was

it’s not showing up this is interesting looks like almost built steps but there’s something to the right

what is that? looks like a little bench maybe for the workers to rest i don’t know let’s see where this natural type of steps will lead us i have to come back here during fall because i’m not dressed for it’s it’s like a complete jungle i am complete with cuts oh wow so i believe this is the side of the cistern ah that’s so i found the cistern cool so that’s the only thing that shows on the google maps
all right at least we have a we have a view the main radar building somewhere over there but

it’s basically impossible for me right now to fight the jungle here nature pretty much reclaimed this area i have to wait till i uh get better dressed and maybe for uh fall with the leaves will fall disappear will be easier to access just to show you what i mean just look at my leg

it’s uh i have wounds and i can prove it all right let’s give one more effort to find it so i’m sitting on that bench over here right next to the cistern catch my breath now let’s see if we could

lose ourselves lose myself here see where this will take us it’s not a clear path but that’s venturing here just a little bit oh there is it seems like a little path opened up here all right

some old little construction materials i see the deer is running running through the woods in the back don’t worry dear i’m not gonna hurt you oh we have what we have here now we have some remnants i don’t know what that is let’s see if we can get through here it looks very similar to what we’ve seen before anyway very interesting area to explore yeah i’m not going there
all right at least i reached the place where uh there was some construction some probably well was the area of the uh radar system secret radar system during the war and after
so this is interesting piece of machinery looks like there’s some machinery that makes it rotate
interesting what is that little box here that looks new or it is newer i don’t know what that
what is earth is this what what somebody’s treasure so this is like a treasure hunt i guess i came accidentally that is so funny wow on earth so this is like a little treasure now this books this book doesn’t look like a real book well maybe used to be
what a little trick to it let’s see yeah it is a box official code book top secret accidental find
yeah so this is a little treasure hunt all right leave it leave it here for the next
well we found something see so i’m trying to find still the main building for the radar installation but i don’t think it will happen because it’s just not dress

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