Buried Treasure: What Lies Beneath A Kansas Cornfield

Buried Treasure: What Lies Beneath A Kansas Cornfield

David Hawley shares his incredible story of finding buried treasure from the mid 1800’s, and where he found it. He tells how he, and four others, began the nearly impossible journey to locate a sunken steamboat rumored to have whiskey and gold. That steamboat was known as the Arabia. It sank in the Missouri River in 1856. Hear the tale of how the group unearthed 200 tons of cargo– a virtual 1856 ‘Walmart’ store beneath the ground. David explains how the conditions of the buried wreckage were able to preserve much of it’s 132 year-old cargo. The massive amount of cargo, meant to supply 19 towns, included china, perfume, beads, shoes, hardware, champagne, gin and even pickles.

David Hawley, Greg Hawley, Bob Hawley, David Luttrell and Jerry Mackey were the five men who successful took on this journey. Hear the surprising decision they made regarding what to do with the largest collection of pre-civil war artifacts in the world.


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  1. brian massey on July 6, 2023 at 9:28 am

    Honestly guys thats Missouri. Your talking about the Missouri River. Please,this has gotta be titled as a field on the Missouri River just not a farm field in Kansas. Your really loseing the luster here for the state of Kansas. Thats near the Missouri Line. Please leave it as that. Your stretching the real thing thats here even though it’s in Kansas. Please don’t do that. Thats the Missouri River. You gotta give that to the Missouri River and respect people and their farm fields when you say that bc your relateing a treasure find thats barely and I MEAN BARELY IN KANSAS. PUT THIS AS THE MISSOURI RIVER THE STATE THAT IT’S KNOWN FOR PLEASE. Or leave it as the Stateline Treasure because your really barking on the wrong side of the information here. Thats not the proper way to say something when something is practically right on the stateline or on either side of the states please say Missouri River and not Kansas Farm Field because people are going to look at you very weirdly talking about something thats a Kansas Farmfield thats near the Missouri River. It’s not even close to referencing Kansas Farm fields to what your Steamboat Treasure is bc that’s practically Missouri or the Missouri River and your referencing Kansas Farm Fields. Please don’t do that. That is near the State line and Missouri Kansas state lines please don’t say Kansas Farm fields. It’s not the same dude.

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