Dodger the Digger's passion helps find lost treasure

Dodger the Digger's passion helps find lost treasure

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – When something is lost, Dodger the Digger can typically find it.

Roger Lyons’ nickname was given by his two girls, now 9 and 12, after Lyons took up metal detecting.

He got interested about eight years ago after watching the show Diggers. “The Morgan Dollar is the best thing I’ve found. I’ve always wanted to find one of them. A bucket lister is a gold coin. I haven’t found a gold coin yet,” Lyons said.

Most of his days off are spent metal detecting.

He said, “When I’m really in it, anybody around me, I don’t notice them. I’m into what I’m doing. I’m listening for certain tones, then I’m looking at the screen sometimes just to see what the tones are and them I’m walking.”

It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. “Some people are first kind of skeptical. Then when they see you’re finding all these finds, they’re like wow. That’s kind of neat.”

If you lost a ring, Dodger is the man to call. Just ask Sandy Chadwick.

He found her late husband’s ring in the backyard of her Amelia home. “We were about to give up and I told him, I didn’t think it was meant to be found. Then, I got this message that said it’s under the sticker bush. So, he went and looked under the sticker bush and there it was,” she said.

Sandy Chadwick also mentioned her ring was found on her anniversary, April 25th.

What was lost, now is found, thanks to Dodger and his passion for metal detecting. “I was overwhelmed. Right now, I’m getting it again. Really, it was a blessing to have it back because every time I came out here I looked for it,” Chadwick said.

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