Ghost town Hanton City in Smithfield, Rhode Island – Treasure Hunting

Ghost town Hanton City in Smithfield, Rhode Island – Treasure Hunting

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I am in front of hunting city trail um i’m in the search for the lost gomes town in smithfield rhode island called hampton city it’s been occupied during colonial times the last known occupant died i believe is in 18 late 1800s so it is very interesting place mystery surrounds it it’s not in town register so i will try to uncover it get as much information and hopefully it will turn out to be interesting area for treasure hunters so let’s go this is my second attempt to find that city as you can see it’s just a small little trail of i will give you the directions later but as you can see it’s just a small trail it’s called hampton city trail there’s two of them there uh it’s right before strasino rocky hill road but i will give you the directions later on so let’s go and see what this is all about
let’s see what’s on the left side here
so here we are in the ghost town in rhode island uh that most people don’t know about and uh you know rumor has it that this colonial area era ghost town uh once existed and served quite a purpose there are different versions one says that most people here were run away slaves or people with certain afflictions but we do know that it contained a lot of good useful professions for that era such as shoemakers tanners uh and so forth so this town is called hampton city of course and it’s known to locals as lost city to the locals i mean in smithfield so it was a small mostly farming town and it was uh isolated kind of from the main town of smithfield and certainly from the rest of rhode island the exact the dates of when the town started is not known but we know it’s around 1776.
and we know that the town existed until right before 1900 the last resident i think was mr henton died in right before 1900.

so it kind of disappeared after that it was in decline for for for a number of years already and i think it’s due to the progress to the fact that their new roads were being built and it diverted the business away from them the main families that were the original families that basically created these communities this community were hunting shippies and paints so as you can see we’re walking through there are uh many human activities uh there and we know that there are stone foundations uh i know there is a burial site somewhere uh we’ll get to that as well hopefully we’ll find it and we’ll find some some sellers a very interesting time

this is getting interesting

i don’t want to fall into some sort of old well

or a cellar be careful moving around here but that looks like




looks like

it was a bunch of structures around close to each other

let’s see what’s

going on over there that is uh

a little bit more

looks like a up

and there’s a hole


this is interesting

human activities from long time ago apparently this town was a thriving town full of professionals those days tanners uh shoemakers apparently and and other professions that were useful at that time it was driving and then apparently times got very harsh i don’t know dude probably to the modern progress buildup of roads

i can see back further down one place after another completely taken over by nature what’s this looks like a little

tiny house

huh that’s interesting isn’t that cool

right behind me

looks like some animal dig up a hole over there

so let’s continue on that trail and i don’t know exactly how long it is maybe 45 minutes or so walking distance but i will keep my eyes open when it structures any human activities to the right
i know they talk about this hampton city as a haunted city they hear noises people talking
uh so we’ll see if i hear anything i’ll let you know i venture to the side and i see almost everywhere human activity looks like there’s a little puff going through the side let’s continue
let’s see where it will take us well this is there’s almost no blush here because in the other places there’s the brush is fairly thick it would be good idea to come here during the fall but as you see here it’s fairly open area interesting this would be a such an awesome place for a treasure hunter even if you brought just a simple metal detector would be interesting
to search this area for some old artifacts this is definitely a little side puff glowing
let’s see where it will take us i certainly don’t want to get lost but on the other hand how can you get lost in rhode island you just walk the same direction for a while you will reach the end of the state soon enough but there’s definitely human activities all around me nothing recent halfway obviously very interesting well there was a hill i just climbed i veered off the uh the little beacon path again because of the rocks i’ve noticed so let’s take a closer look uh
i came to a fork left or right we’ll take the right


  1. Chris Bellr on October 15, 2022 at 8:52 am

    Found a railroad spike here today

  2. Mike Coglione on October 15, 2022 at 9:20 am

    Curious where your accent is from it almost but not quite sounds an Italian who learned how to speak English but not quite. Maybe Brazilian?
    Anyhow yes I discovered the area last year. It took me almost an entire year to find most of it but it’s fairly large and stretches over about a mile. There are different sites most of them next to the road or secondary trails but because they are covered with brush or just underground and the trail is a little lower you just can’t see anything. You almost have to walk next to the trail. If you’ve never seen it you will have a hard time finding it. I suggest looking at other youtube videos. Read the little there is, call around to the various museums and people you find. You have to just get little wisps of info and realize that you’re not going to see it all in a short period of time you have to keep going back. The quarantine/COVID has resulted in people posting more info about it in the last year or so but it’s still not an easy find by any means, more archaeology than history.

    Obviously walking the area helps you see it faster but I also mountain bike around there and once I got a good idea to exactly where I might be looking for stuff I would dismount and explore on foot. IMHO the best place to park is across the solar panels in the cul de sac on the other side of the Hanton City Trail on Decotis FArm Road behind Fidelity. You can park in the cul de sac and not get ticketed or towed people do all the time to hike/mountain bike the area. Also realize there is more than just the trail, there is also a gas line to the sides of which there is some stuff like a quarry and old stone walls. There are fire trails all through the area with cool things. There is even another trail off the power line access roads to the north that belongs to Fidelity (Vernal Pool loop) and there are ruins there. There is yet another trail that connects that northern area to the main trail, it leads you to where I see a black little trash can for the "Jeep" association. It’s a meandering rocky road. I suspect there are ruins there too but I found it this spring it was already overgrown. But yes now is the worst time of year to explore due to the brush. IMHO best times are late fall when the brush is gone or late winter after snow melts. Like say Nov-Dec and again in March, maybe early April. If you want to meet up sometime I can show you what I know just email me here on gmail. Thanks for sharing!

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