GOLD COINS in Southwest Missouri?

GOLD COINS in Southwest Missouri?

In this video, we look at a simplified summary of the story ‘Old Wire Road Gold’ by Gail W. Fowler, which appeared in the February 1995 issue of the magazine ‘Western & Eastern Treasures.’

The stories which appear in this magazine include:
– Old Wire Road Gold, by Gail W. Fowler
– Diamonds in the Ice, by Edward Luczak
– Pay Dirt in Marshall, Missouri, by Bruce Bartlett
– Relic Hunting at the Colonial Crossroads, by Ed Fedory
– An Anniversary to Treasures, by Jean G. Fleetwood
– Urban Treasure Hunting – New York City Style, by Michael Chaplan
– Concrete Clues to Keeper Coins, by Jerry Eckhart
– Is This a Beginning? By Glenn Stubert
– Traveling Beyond Boundaries, by Jerry L. Rowe
– Searching Urban Fringe Areas, by Dean Adams
– Increasing the Odds – Coinshooting Heavily Used Sites, by L. John Zoresko
– Casting for Trout and Treasure, by John A. Punola
– Hitching Stable Coins, by Paul B. Spindler
– All Bottled Up, by Peter Jablonski
– Just Another Old House, by R. Neil Simmons
– Don’t Overlook the Obvious, by Jim Downey
– Full Circle Ring, Gerry Edwards
– They Said it was Hunted Out, by Richard Walsh
– The Duty Belt, by Dr. Clint Fenno
– Patterns of Lost Objects, by H. Glenn Carson


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    I did the same thing hunting 1860s era war items 🥰 (New Zealand)

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