Great Swamp Battle – Narragansett Indian – Rhode Island – Treasure Hunting

Great Swamp Battle – Narragansett Indian – Rhode Island – Treasure Hunting

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I will show you the locations of buried gold treasure silver Treasure and other valuable objects not only in every state of United States but in other parts of the world using my extensive resources of many years I will be focusing on two types of locations one is the type of location where there was actually something bad and we have historical evidence of historical news where something historical happened of significant value high probability is for that particular place today I’m going to see Great swamp battlefield which occurred during King Philip war December 19 1675 about thousand regulars from Connecticut Massachusetts emerald Island attacked before 000 most in Narragansett Indians only about thousand warriors and the rest of them women and children and the massacre that followed was confident so let’s see if we can find a place of monuments place where the bottle for so we are on the Great swamp monument road which you have to take on foot you cannot drive by car here it is right off of route 2 which is right off of route 138 in North Kingstown so we are basically walking on the sacred ground when is horrible horrible fight occurred where about over 1000 of women and children Indian women and children were slaughtered and about 500 warriors perished and only about 80 regulars died during that fight that Fort was located right in the middle of the swamp and was it was almost inaccessible because of the swamps and it was in December during harsh cold winter so the swamp rolls over so the regular school just walk on top of it during the rest of the year. So I am walking towards obelisk because the obelisk monument where marks the spot where most of the women and children die and it marks the monument for the fallen native Americans as well as well as the regulars from Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island as you will shortly see now Rhode Island originally State out of that King Philip war which was between 1775 and 1777 but the neighboring states especially Massachusetts was suspecting peaceful harboring, hiding King Philip and this was one of the main reasons why they attacked this fort, this is about 20 minutes walk hopefully I’ll get there soon I came to a split either to take a right it go straight animals see where it will take us. This whole area was a site of what’s a terrible sign where women children and warriors were running away from the regulars the fort was burned so many native Americans were burned so many women and children as well it was a massacre almost we can only honor it this is a sacred ground that contains a lot of history so it seems like that pathway here is making a loop there was a possibility to go left I’m not sure if I should take the road because it seems like I’m almost going back through that loop so I think this was the option original option to go right so you know what let’s turn around and you’re going to take the left because this loop is taking us back this was the original left I’m trying to reach the monument the obelisk commemorating falling soldiers and native Americans after taking the left the pathway continues it is it is a strange feeling pretty quiet a little bit I was being watched hopefully I picked right half to find the monument the place where most people died so I’m looking for about 10 minutes now and I’m not sure this is the right way keeps going oh wait I see something in front of me yes yes this is we can reach the sacred place where most native Americans died here in this greatest of battles King Philip war was a terrible war so many native Americans died but also settlers the families it was a high cost to pay not only in human life but monetarily as well and after this war things were not the same that if Americans lost in the big one as it usually is the case oh my goodness this is a very special place I feel an overwhelming feeling of grief and overwhelming feeling of sadness let’s see what it says in this moment it’s difficult to read historical Rhode Island society take a look at this monument case that represents the Connecticut fallen regulars this monument represents Rhode Island fallen regulars and this I cannot read what it says Plymouth I guess regulars from Plymouth let’s check this monument here it represents Massachusetts regulars let’s approach this middle obelisk which represents the native Americans what a sad place after spending here a little bit of time and saying a prayer I’m going to leave in peace this is definitely a place to see to come visit and pay respects so on my way back I’m going to explore that side road that turn into a loop I’m going to see if there is any other pathways that would lead me to perhaps see more of this place of the sacred place and so much history here so much painful history you should defi


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    actual event took place somewhere on great neck

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