How These Mysterious Unsolved Clues Lead to Lost Treasure of $63 Million (Beale Ciphers : Unsolved )

How These Mysterious Unsolved Clues Lead to Lost Treasure of $63 Million (Beale Ciphers : Unsolved )

How These Mysterious Unsolved Clues Lead to Lost Treasure of $63 Million (Beale Ciphers : Unsolved )
The Quest To Break America’s Most Mysterious Code

Got some vacation time coming up? Good at solving mysteries? Looking to quit your day job and take up treasure hunting? Then you need to sit down and spend a little quality time with the Beale Ciphers, three cyphertexts over a century old that are said to lead to $63 million in treasure.

For 200 years, treasure hunters have traveled to a Virginia community hoping to find one of the largest buried treasures in America. Legend says, Thomas jefferson Beale found the treasure out West, brought it home to Virginia, buried it and left behind three ciphers that will lead you, to the precise location of a treasure, that could be worth close to $60 million dollars. But to find it, you have to do what amateur and professional crypt analysts haven’t been able to do…,unlock the code.

The story of the three ciphertexts, originates from an 1885 pamphlet, detailing treasure being buried by a man named Thomas J. Beale in a secret location in Bedford County, Virginia, in the 1820s. Beale entrusted a box, containing the encrypted messages to a local innkeeper, named Robert Morriss and then disappeared, never to be seen again. According to the story, the innkeeper opened the box 23 years later, and then decades after that gave the three encrypted ciphertexts to a friend before he died. The friend then spent the next twenty years of his life trying to decode the messages, and was able to solve only one of them, which gave details of the treasure buried and the general location of the treasure. The unnamed friend then published all three ciphertexts in a pamphlet which was advertised for sale in the 1880s.
The Beale ciphers (or Beale Papers) are a set of three ciphertexts, one of which allegedly states the location, of a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels, estimated to be worth over US$60 million, as of January 2020.

According to Beale papers, The treasure was said to have been obtained by an American named Thomas J. Beale in the early 1800s, from a mine to the north of New Mexico, at that time in the Spanish province of Santa Fe de Nuevo México (an area that today would most likely be part of Colorado). According to the pamphlet, Beale was the leader of a group of 30 gentlemen adventurers, from Virginia who stumbled upon the rich mine of gold and silver, while hunting buffalo. They spent 18 months mining, thousands of pounds of precious metals, which they then charged Beale with transporting to Virginia and burying in a secure location. After Beale made multiple trips, to stock the hiding place, he then encrypted three messages: the location, a description of the treasure, and the names of its owners and their relatives. The treasure location is traditionally linked to Montvale, in Bedford County, Virginia.

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