Legend of the Blue Bucket Mine: Lost Treasure of Oregon

Legend of the Blue Bucket Mine: Lost Treasure of Oregon

In this video, we look at a simplified summary of the story ‘Blue Bucket Mine’ by Arthur H. Redman, which appeared in the February 1976 issue of the magazine ‘Western & Eastern Treasures.’

The stories which appear in this magazine include:

– Dig the Revolution, by John M. Hightower, Jr.
– Lost Leper Mine, by H.B. Starr
– Digging Profitably and Legally for Indian Artifacts, by Leo Rosenhouse
– Relive History and Hunt Gemstone Diamonds, by Francis Xavier Sculley
– The Fortune on the Brother Jonathan, by Curt Beckham
– River Bed of Southfork Yielding Nuggets, by Roscoe LeGresley
– The Lost Sheepherder Lode, by E. Gorton Covington
– Doane Brothers Lost Tory Gold, by Howard M. Duffy
– Wild Goose Chases (How to Avoid Going on so Many), by H. Glenn Carson
– Georgian’s Lost Gold, by Ben Townsend
– The Treasure of Oak Island, by Mark C. Blazek
– Blue Bucket Mine – Not Where Commonly Believed, by Arthur H. Redman
– The Wilderness Traveler – Off Road This and That, by Nancy Butterworth
– Lost Silver Mine on Piney Creek, by LeRoy Walker
– There’s No Such Thing as a Worked Out Area, by Don Perryman
– The Mysterious Prospector of Dead Horse Creek, by June Whitaker
– Harrah’s Pony Express Auction – Bottles, Glass & Antiques, by Russell and Kitty Umbraco
– The Mystery of the San Diego Mission Bell, by Xanthus Carson
– The Skimmer of the Plains, by Donald N. Bentz
– Club News and Treasure Hunts, by Lloyd Oakes
– Coin Shooting on Florida’s West Coast, by Herb Goldberger



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    Grown men crossing the wilderness cant tell gold in nugget form is too unbelievable to be true

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