Lost Jesuit Gold Mines of New Mexico

Lost Jesuit Gold Mines of New Mexico

Video 3: Padre LaRue, Jesuit Priest
The book is about New Mexico treasure lore. Part 1, Chapter 3 is about the early history of the Caballos with regards to the Jesuit Priests that resided there before being replaced by the Franciscans. It is background into why there are gold bars hidden within the bowls of the mountain range. The final chapter of part 1, chapter 4, covers the catches of treasure related to the Apache. Part 1 builds the foundation as to where the gold originally came from. Part 2 will get into the Great Depression Era treasure hunters that found some of the treasure hordes. Part 2 has the names of real treasure hunters from that area, that are still known to most of the local community. Part 3 covers the active treasure hunters of the 21st Century. Finally, Part 4 covers William White’s treasure hunting expeditions. All these stories are true and are based in the Caballo Mountains of New Mexico.

True Stories About Treasure Hunting. The author of this book talks about his experiences as a real-live treasure hunter. These stories are about his expeditions to the Caballo Mountains, New Mexico. He has since retired from treasure hunting and is living it large in New Mexico.
From: William H. White “This book is dedicated to all treasure hunters. May you be successful at whatever endeavor you choose. Remember, it is in the hunt that we gain the most satisfaction.”
Narrated By: Dustin White

I plan to create an audio for each chapter of this book. In these stories, one will discover the Caballo Mountain Lore along with the real names of some of the most prominent treasure hunters to date. These are real stories with real people.

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