Lost Treasure Episode 3

Lost Treasure Episode 3

Lost treasure 3. http://www.GoldenRecoveries.com

This episode is about the lost treasure of Eddyville Iowa.

Three prospectors returning from the gold fields in the Black Hills we’re heading back home to Illinois.

Each man had a one gallon jug filled with gold nuggets and gold dust.

After camping for the night a short distance from Eddyville Iowa, the men got drunk while playing poker.

One of the men killed his companion for cheating.

The two surviving men buried the body, but were afraid of getting caught.

They buried all the gold near the body and disappeared as fast as possible.

As far as anyone knows, the lost treasure has never been, because the two men were never able to come back to get it.

Is this just a tall tale of lost treasure, or does it actually exist?

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  1. Wayne Grant on February 7, 2023 at 9:45 am

    I found it very interesting, and believable

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