Lost Treasure: The Gold of the H.M.S Hussar

Lost Treasure: The Gold of the H.M.S Hussar

Although many ships are known to have been lost to the treacherous waters of Hell Gate, New York, there is one particular warship, the H.M.S. Hussar, which seems to attract the most attention.  That is because it is rumored to have gone down with a very large British military payroll, and the golden treasure of Guineas have never been recovered.

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  1. @kaiberthestarelf8939 on December 28, 2023 at 8:37 am

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  2. @joegovernali9504 on December 28, 2023 at 8:40 am

    I see most of ur info came from Craig….i like ur blog…interesting but far from where the wrecksite lays…..the research i found was hard in NYC most of which was opinions and very few facts…the Archives in Paris held some facts but my main research and discoveries came from Portsmouth, London, The National Archives, UK,
    The most interesting thing that happen as a result of the wreck was the courtmartial and subsequent freedom of the River Pilot …a Slave by the name of Swan who belonged to the Hunt Family of now the Bronx who was acquitted by the British Royal Navy …this was the first time a Slave was not blamed for a disaster…History in the making….
    The other notation worth mentioning is that Charles Maurice Poole was a good friend of Lord Horatio Nelson lol….later to become Admiral and Sir Charles Poole….I had the pleasure to visit his crypt in the UK …
    but he was only one of 10 Captains that piloted the Hussar….in those days Naval Officers held many ranks Captain one week didn’t necessarily mean you’d be Captain the following week. There is one thing you should know….The Hussar 6th rate ship.."rate meant the number of guns"….Mermaid Class….was not a Warship nor a Payroll Ship…rather she was a
    Privateer "Military version of a Pirate Ship" Also her crew never left her because they were the highest paid in all of the
    Royal Navy. Why you ask because the Hussar had captured more enemy ships "Prizes" then any other when a enemy ship or Prize is captured it’s refitted and becomes a British Ship of the Line, the crew all get "Prize Money"
    As for your vision of someone finding the "Gold" there’s a reason it’s never been found….
    GREED….Though i’m no longer President of HMS Hussar, Inc. I still hold 51% of shares in the Company which i’ll never give up…..lmao….after all of this the MOD declared the HMS Hussar non touchable…hands off as they re-claimed the wreck.
    However, it is worth mentioning that to date I remain the first person in NYS History ever to claim a Shipwreck of the Revolutionary War in NY Waters….
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me….
    Joe Governali

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