Minelab 800 Treasure Hunting w/ SheVet Bafanifi

Minelab 800 Treasure Hunting w/ SheVet Bafanifi

When I was 9 going on 10, my dad came down on orders to report to Iraq, “Desert Storm” and my life was thrown into a tail spin. Had it not been for Sharan I don’t know where I would be today. Threw the years my family & I have reflected back again & again on how God sent she really was for us all. For my dad a lonely soldier ripped from his children as a single dad, my brothers cast aways in Lake Michigan and myself completely cast out to the darkness of the storm completely lost without any of my family in sight, staring back at a complete stranger charged with taking care of me. Who by night fall, had completely abandoned their oath to watch out for me. This is where Sharan became the biggest God sent of my life.

Long story short, my big brother died February 26, 2017, never getting the opportunity to see Sharan again. Oh how we both long for the day. Around October 20, 2020, after years of telling my story to anyone who would listen, shaken, emotional, in pain and heartbroken, I stepped out of bed to make a TikTok, a short 60 second video pleading for help to locates our angel Sharan and back to bed I went. Honestly, I thought, “I might delete the video when I wake up.” “That I was being to emotional and that while it felt good to get out and off my chest, that opening myself up to the world in that way was way to much for me and I’ll just delete it when I wake up.”

Ten hours later I woke to my son to start out the day with breakfast and before I even opened the bedroom door my phone was ringing and the rest as you can see played out across TikTok. Sharan and I were on the phone by morning. The Euphoria of the day is unexplainable. I have the sense of the deepest gratitude in my soul, my heart, every part of who I am.

Fast forward and I lost my main page @SheVet_Bafanifi on TikTok to false targeted mass reporting, hate and the true ugliness of the world taking over TikTok; no one really knew just how much that bothered me. Until one day my emotions of the effects of losing contact with my mutuals, the people who band together and became apart of the recuse team to find Sharan and the realization that I lost all the videos that told my story. I found myself pleading with my TikTok once again, to help retrieve my main page and again by morning TikTok came threw and rescued this broken “Army Brat” just trying to stay a float in this stormy ocean of life, stormier by the day without my “Big Brother” who will forever stay alive threw me and our stories and now threw my “Gratitude Crystals” and my love of playing in the dirty has come full circle and I find myself expressing my love and gratitude to the world threw my “Gratitude Crystal Earrings”

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