Nebraska Stories | Nebraska Adventures!

Nebraska Stories | Nebraska Adventures!

In this episode we explore interesting destinations across our state.

Located within the Oglala National Grasslands, Toadstool Geologic Park is named for its unusual toadstool shape formations. This arid sandstone badlands with it unworldly natural sculptures looks more like a moonscape than a serene corner of Nebraska.

“Pottery Walk”
The annual Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour features local and national artists. We take the tour, meet interesting artists and discover some pretty great ceramics along the way.

“The Villagers of Taylor”
Meet the unusual villagers of Taylor and the artist who created the hundreds of life-size cutouts of 1920s era people.

“Highway to Tomorrow”
A century ago the Lincoln Highway, built of bricks and concrete, created a dream of the future – and Nebraska helped make it happen!

“A Day in the Life of Lauritzen Gardens”
Go behind the scenes at Lauritzen Gardens to see a day in the life of this ever-expanding botanical center. From rare botanical wonders to carefully curated displays of art, tour this urban oasis nestled in the riverfront hills of Omaha and meet the conservation team protecting the most vulnerable plants on the Plains.

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