The New York Telephone Company presents “Hidden Gold,” a color film that opens to the strains of “Oh! Susanna” before the narrator explains how man has long been driven by the desire to find hidden gold. Such efforts have often changed then course of history, with the discovery of California gold in 1849 altering the West. Wealth is not only hidden in the ground, explains the narrator, but also in unused potions of material in the workplace. “Unfortunately we do not always think of the time and money that can be saved through the careful handling of apparatus and material when we handle them,” says the narrator at mark 02:45. Numerous scenes of phone parts being tossed into scrap or recycling barrels fill the screen as the narrator explains how such actions equate to misuse. Boxes of supplies are shown in the back of a truck at mark 04:00. At a return center, workers untangle coils of wire while others remove carefully wound wire. Proper care makes the job easier, explains the narrator. “There is real savings in the return of apparatus and material,” he says at mark 06:06, but carelessness in packing that material can sometimes render it useless. Smaller returned pieces are dumped into a sorter at mark 07:30, separated, and sent to a conveyor belt where newer pieces are returned to a stockroom and damaged ones sent out for repair. Scrap pieces or unrepairable parts are sent to a smelting plant (mark 08:35) where they are further sorted and shoveled into furnaces. Molten copper is poured from ladles at mark 10:00 and the “hidden gold” repurposed. The film continues by showing various pieces can be fixed and reused. Elsewhere, reused phone cords are cleaned (mark 14:08) and tested before being returned to the field. “Unfortunately we do not always realize that one return must be multiplied by thousands … which can mean thousands of dollars in savings in the end,” says the narrator at mark 17:07.

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  1. J L on August 8, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    This is the best way to make people recycle HMO because it shows the economical advantage to it instead of just trying to scared
    People with an end of the world by pollution fear

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