Pirates and Lost Treasure of Coastal Maine, with author and pirate reenactor Greg Latimer

Pirates and Lost Treasure of Coastal Maine, with author and pirate reenactor Greg Latimer

The Camden Public Library’s Maritime Month Series wraps up with an exciting online presentation entitled Pirates and Lost Treasure of Coastal Maine by author and pirate re-enactor Greg Latimer on Thursday, April 29, at 6:00 pm. Latimer will offer insightful and factual information about Maine-based pirates, as well as pirates from “away,” who traveled to Maine for a variety of purposes, both nefarious and legitimate.

“Many of the stories discussed in the talk will be new to the audience, as Maine is not often considered a pirate enclave,” says Latimer. “In fact, just like today’s seasonal tourists, pirates traveled to Maine during the summer months, when the Caribbean was hot and subject to hurricanes. Pirates valued the hidden coves and deserted islands along the ‘smuggler’s coast’ of Maine.”

There are historical reports that pirates brought treasure to Maine, including the infamous Captain Kidd. In the presentation, Latimer will take a look at the facts and reveal if the stories are supported. Pirates also brought their weapons, vessels, tactics, and unique culture to Maine; and these will be examined in a way that will demonstrate that truth is often indeed stranger than fiction.

Greg Latimer is the research director for MysteriousDestinationsMagazine.com, an online publication that explores mysteries in the U.S. and Caribbean; and the marketing director for Red Cloak Tours in Maine, where he also guides maritime history tours. Latimer has worked as a pirate re-enactor in Maine, firing cannon, black powder small arms, participating in sword fights, and sailing armed vessels, giving him a sense of piracy that is up close and personal. Latimer’s previous books Haunted Damariscotta and Ghosts of the Boothbay Region were published by the History Press/Arcadia Publishing.

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