Rediscovering Maine's Hidden Gem: The Pine Tree Trail

Rediscovering Maine's Hidden Gem: The Pine Tree Trail

Join us on an extraordinary journey as we rediscover Maine’s forgotten treasure, the Pine Tree Trail. This captivating video takes you along the historic 500-mile road, starting in Portland and winding its way to Fort Kent. It showcases the rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant communities that make Maine truly special.

Witness the remarkable story of Nate, a chainsaw moose carver who stumbled upon an old sign from the original Pine Tree Trail on his property. Realizing the trail had been all but forgotten, John embarked on a mission to revive it, dedicating four years to re-establishing the route, raising funds, and placing 150 new signs along the trail.

Through stunning visuals and heartfelt storytelling, this video captures the essence of the Pine Tree Trail, inviting you to explore the hidden gems and overlooked towns that embody the true spirit of Maine. From snowmobiling and fishing to canoeing and fireworks, immerse yourself in the diverse range of activities and experiences Maine has to offer.

Discover the importance of preserving historic places like the Pine Tree Trail, and how this revitalization project aims to revive communities and breathe life into forgotten corners of Maine. It’s a call to action, encouraging viewers to take the scenic route, slow down, and embrace the journey, cherishing the moments that truly matter.

Join us as we celebrate the resilience of the Pine Tree Trail and the captivating beauty of Maine. Let’s preserve our history, support local communities, and experience the magic that awaits along this remarkable trail.

Don’t miss out on this captivating adventure! Watch the full video and embark on a journey that inspires you to explore Maine’s hidden wonders.

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    Was the New Deal involved? This sounds like something they would sponsor or finance to increase tourism and travel.

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    Thank you Jeremy, for doing a great job making the video! You do wicked awesome work brother!

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