Smithfield, Rhode Island – Ghost Town Hanton City II – Treasure Hunting

Smithfield, Rhode Island – Ghost Town Hanton City II – Treasure Hunting

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So i definitely came to uh some sort of clearing and looks like a partial stone wall box that’s the problem this is pretty big clearing here right in the middle of the woods looks like that wall strong wall continues further here this would be very interesting place to search with the metal detector
there’s a clear puff here as well interesting let’s go this way a little bit further honestly i don’t know where i am right now i think i would have to go back to hit some sort of hit my main trail but i’m not quite sure looks like there is a little remnants of the stall wall stone wall here backs are getting worse i’m getting more sweaty maybe this way so there’s definitely human activity over there
let’s keep going there’s a depression here with some sort of rock formations around it i’m not sure
what was here but it looks like former human activity again would be a good area to search
i’m going completely through the woods not sure where i’m heading i’m not sure where i am to be honest there’s a bit of a clearing here let’s continue here not sure which way he’d go back and how i’m gonna go back but i’m hoping state of line is small enough that i will eventually reach
somewhere i just hope i’m not going to meet the bear or some other creature that’s bigger than me this is a spooky place i have to say i have to admit pretty dark tons of bugs and uh it looks like a
bed of a stream maybe that’s why there’s so many bugs here i gotta get out of here oh what’s this
this is bugs are killing me i continue on the trail and i see on the right a stone wall so let’s get it closer now that’s a definite nice looking stone wall here let’s continue see where it leads us
there’s a little depression here it’s not a good time definitely during the fall it’s better to come here
here this would be a such a nice area to explore that’s what it ends let’s continue further in
see where it will take us there’s a definite over here there’s another stone wall i can see in a little bit of distance from me let’s check that area as well looks like there was a little stream that’s why there’s so many bugs but this is this looks like there was some sort of settlements some construct some housing probably this area is a little more clear but there you go there is another stone wall right here and i see further down the stone wall continues okay then let’s go let’s go further down
and explore as i can see the stonewall definitely splits this one goes to the right and this one goes to the left it’s interesting so i think i found definitely a place where they lived you can see the stone wall here splits to the left and continues further down and then there is a hill let’s go up to here let’s see what’s going on over there so i am on top of the hill and as you can see down there there’s a stone wall i can tell there’s a lot of human activities there used to be there’s a lot of rocks so there’s a little buffalo trail here that i’m gonna use to see if i can find something well there’s a this hill actually continues further up okay so let’s go further up and see what we can find over there
but i see a lot of timber here it’s definite definite human activity from long time ago well i’m on top of the hill i don’t really see anything super interesting although there is pretty much everything here is reclaimed by mother nature but i’m gonna go down the hill across that wall stone wall and see if i can follow it whoa there is a pretty steep decline over here let’s go this way ah i’m gonna try to reach that stone wall uh but i’m gonna go this way coming to another fairly spooky place i have to say quite interesting just take a look it’s very quiet i don’t really hear birds chipping here
there’s a big rock formation ahead of me let’s check it out i’m just going right now without any path just going right through i think i can come across more interesting sites but as you can see down here that is an interesting place this freaking deer scared the hell out of me i bet you he knows where uh interesting places out here stella halls because i’m not sure if i’m gonna find one with all the brushes and this is pretty large area to cover i know they are here so like walls i’ve seen on pictures but so far i didn’t come up on one although like i said i could have been standing near one and even know it since the heavy brush at times and everything’s covered by leaves looks like i came to another trail honestly i have no idea where i am in this hampton lost hampton city
i’m gonna continue i couldn’t get any signal from gps so it’s going to be interesting how i will find my way back but i see some trucks some vehicle so i’m hoping if i follow that eventually i will come up to some settlement but i see another stone wall


  1. Ma Wi on November 8, 2022 at 9:39 am

    You need to learn what a GHOST TOWN is. It’s NOT a place in the woods with a few stones still stacked. That would be a FORMER SETTLEMENT. While a GHOST TOWN is a place with buildings still there, hence the name TOWN. 🤣🤣

  2. The Booty Hunters Metal Detecting Adventures Video on November 8, 2022 at 9:56 am

    Awesome Area with neat History!

  3. Tom Shively on November 8, 2022 at 10:28 am

    Thanks for being our guide!

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