The Lost Treasure Fleet of 1715 – A Modern-Day Treasure Hunt For Sunken Riches | DocuBay

The Lost Treasure Fleet of 1715 – A Modern-Day Treasure Hunt For Sunken Riches | DocuBay

Three hundred years ago, a fleet of 11 Spanish galleons carrying massive amounts of gold, silver and precious gems sank off the coast of Florida. With six galleons being found, the desire to hunt for the remaining five keeps modern-day salvors and explorers awake at night. Brent Brisben, a professional salvor decides to go on an expedition and recover the wealth buried in the deep sea. But treacherous waters and predatory sharks pose an imminent threat to his crew and his mission. Will he be able to reclaim the riches lost to the sea?

Explorers have been trying to find the riches from a Spanish fleet that sank in Florida’s coast in 1715. Will they succeed? Find out in The Lost Treasure Fleet of 1715.

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  1. Don Diego de Benavides de La Cueva y Bazán on September 16, 2022 at 7:07 pm

    Since they found so many coins why won’t they share some of the gold coins of the reign of Charles II & Philipp the V with me afterall sharing is caring!

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