Treasure Hunt in Misquamicut Beach Treasure – Rhode Island

Treasure Hunt in Misquamicut Beach Treasure – Rhode Island

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i’m standing here right on mesquimerica beach where merchantman minerva wrecked in 1779 and it is still unsalvaged the artifacts all sorts of valuable things including gold coins silver coins and of course all kinds of things were found and still being found on a state mesquite beach which is a little bit further behind me the reason why i’m standing here is to give you an idea what miss quimaket beach state beach probably looked like before it was cleaned up to be usable as a state beach nowadays it was most likely very rocky and as you can see on this beautiful day right here we have complete park which in those days about what 240 days ago 240 years ago without navigational systems it was a nightmare to navigate and if that fog engulfed your ship and gorgeous schooner you were out of luck you could be pushed on the rocks and you had very high chances of being wrecked so right here on the squimakit beach so much stuff still can be found from that that shipwrecked minerva now there were other shipwrecks here that were documented and many more i’m sure they were not documented also in this area in the watchfield area there is a story about captain kidd buried the large chest of coins and of course it could be whether this is captain kid or other pirate it’s not really that important because there’s many treasures buried attributed to captain kid which is impossible that he buried all of them but whether this is him or radish or other pirates that operated or stopped by this area it’s really not that significant the significant is the clues that we have that the treasure chest was buried right in this area in watch hill so come check it out it is tremendously interesting and high probability of finding something something very remarkable

i’m gonna go a little bit further to show you what it most likely use it used to look like that the squamica beach and the danger of the rocks and underwater rocks that each cooner sailing this way was facing and if you were caught up in the storm well good luck that’s most likely what happened to the merchant ship minerva

a prime area to start exploring

now across from the squamicate beach there is konochantar pond right across the road and so here we are i’m standing in front of konochantar pond in westerly which actually contained something very special in 1957 during a tremendous hurricane ten houses were lost and they were taken basically by the pond and they were under the water in one of those houses there was a steel chest full of very valuable collection of coins and those coins will never recover they are still in that pond they will be worth a fortune right now so for any out there um of you who is willing to explore this area and perhaps get the right permissions you can still have a go at it if you will obviously get the right permissions but right behind me it is very incredible that this steel chest full of in those those very rare coins worth a fortune right now it’s still there my camera is possibly covering it right now so please don’t forget to click subscribe and if you like it uh please click that like button i have some awesome awesome videos coming up um they are not just from rhode island they’re going to be coming up from connecticut and massachusetts from here i’d like to take you to middletown to this special location to this jewel of a little church an ancient church a very small tiny church hidden in the residential neighborhood so i’m standing in front of a rarefun treasure i have found this episcopal chapel found in 1886 san columbus in middletown rhode island it’s just incredible it’s just incredible the beautiful stained windows which i will show you in a minute uh just look how beautiful this little chapel is right in the middle of middletown

it’s absolutely gorgeous just take a look

it’s absolutely beautiful this gorgeous little architecture chapel this old cemetery definitely worth visiting

what is interesting about this church this charcoal episcopal chapel is that the stained glass windows 10 of them designed by david maitland-armstrong executed by tiffany studios the 11th window is unknown

how beautiful they are

unfortunately there is a service going on so i couldn’t get inside but look how beautiful and detailed those stained glass windows are and here’s the back of the church with the rest of the uh stained glass windows i wish i could go inside but unfortunately there is service going around they don’t want people to enter look at this old barrel

this is this is a treasure found here in middletown rhode island

definitely definitely worth visiting if you enjoyed this program please subscribe like it and share it

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