Treasure Hunt New Hampshire isles of shoals Smutty Nose Monhegan Island Lunging Island Wilmot Flat

Treasure Hunt New Hampshire isles of shoals Smutty Nose Monhegan Island Lunging Island Wilmot Flat

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Let’s talk about another crew on the ship called Porpoise, so the crew sailed away in the Porpoise leaving behind sandy and martha one day after they sailed away they spotted a fleet of four ships offshore they were pirate vessels when the pirate came ashore to the island for water sandy talked to them and was invited aboard the flagship to talk to the commander of the fleet here he met a joined forces he met and joined the forces with the men already in famous as the terror of the sea a six foot six-inch giant sporting two-foot beard with pistols and cutlass tucked in to his wide waist belt just to go back a little bit so sandy and his wife young my wife martha they were basically living on this island without anybody around for a long time and basically were rescued by the ship by blackbeard who was that six foot six in giant and they struck an agreement ed teach alas blackbeard apparently got a kick out of sandy’s plight of being marooned by the purpose crew so he allowed sandy to join him sailing the atlantic the pirate fleet captured a french brick and spanish galleon containing of a million dollars in gold and silver on its way to the king of spain the french brick was renamed the flying scot by blackbeard and given to sandy gordon to command as a reward for his bravado in a fight with the french and spaniards the pirate vessels were now so filled with treasure that blackbeard decided to head for the nearest landfall to rid of themselves of some of it the nearest landfall a port where pirates were welcomed was new hampshire’s isles of shoals as with philip bob the story of blackbeard and sandy gordon at the isles have been mixed with the legend over the last 270 years it is said that there was a great ceremony and celebration at star island when sandy gordon officially married martha herring that same day blackbeard married a girl he had aboard his 40 gunship queen anne’s revenge now blackbeard never took marriage seriously however for during his lifetime he had 14 wives and never went to sea without bevy of concubines when he was killed in 1718 40 children claimed him as their father sandy and martha did take their marriage vows seriously and settled at white island one of the isles but the honeymoon was brief the english navy had been searching uh the atlantic for the purpose mutineers for over a year a man of war came to the isle shortly after sandy and martha set up housekeeping on white island blackbeard after staying at star island for over a month wisely set sail and left the isles but gordon in the flying scot went out to battle the naval warship two well-directed broadsides and the flying scot sank like a rock with sandy gordon in his favorite bright red uniform going down with her supposedly only two of the pirate crew survived the sinking and they were picked up by the men of war crew and hanged at the yard arm that very day the only member of the pirate band left at the isles was martha herring gordon who died there in 1735. celia attacks the right teachers comrade captain scott gordon wrote this lovely lady hitler they buried immense treasure on the islands that of scott gordon was buried on an island apart from the rest the maiden was carried to the island where her pirate lover’s treasure was hidden and made to swear with horrible rights that until his return if it were not till the day of judgment she would guard it from search of all mortals so there she faces steel still she laments like a banshee before the tempest wailing through the gorgeous apple door blackbeard and his men forced to quickly depart the isles and never return buried the treasure on smiley nose and london their islands wrote one isles historian londoner isle island is now called lounging island blackfield’s blackbeard’s treasure is buried at the landing side of the beach facing the star island hotel halfway across the halfmoon stretch of the beach writes another historian a third says blackbeard’s treasure is hidden just below the waterline on the beach east of the breakwater at smarinos blackbeard himself however was quoted as saying nobody but the devil and myself knows where my treasure is blackbeard sailed to rhode island and connecticut after that stopping at providence and new london at the la report it is said that he and his men took a long trek with some of the treasure up the nipmak trail and entered providence supposedly bearing the treasure along the way near the border of two colonies possibly at hampton or blue brooklyn connecticut a man named kari of hampton reported in 1938 that one of ed teaches descendants a barney reynolds came to hampton and uncovered part of the treasure according to mr cady reynolds had a map which he inherited from blackbeard from new england blackbear returned to his base of operations at bath north carolina after taking some 40 vessels of america’s east coast governor spotswood of virginia offered 100 ps


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