Treasure Hunt – Pirate Collins in Warwick Rhode Island Part II

Treasure Hunt – Pirate Collins in Warwick Rhode Island Part II

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Don’t forget in last hundred years millions of dollars was recovered in gold silver and other valuables and more and more is being found at the rapid pace thanks to incredible improvements in technology lately and i’m here to help you find it at an exponential rate this is warwick next section of warwick and as you can see there is a possibility that as well i’m gonna get a closer look

so this is the beginning the base of warwick neck this is a little inlet

it is high possibility that this could be the place here is portion of warwick neck

there’s houses all around me

it certainly could be the place

here’s the other possibility in my opinion this is the highest possibility highest probability where the chest was buried it’s very wooded area as you can see and there are very nice houses built around here including aldridge mansion however during times of our pirate

this place looked very different it was heavily wooded i’m certain of that and some structures houses possibly were built and since this is one of the few places where heavy more i mean heavier forestation is visible here

i would have to assume that this is the place most likely the area where the chest was buried


best way and this is the clue for any treasure hunters of course you have to get permission before you enter any place any area private or public but this is the clue you ready you have to look at some old maps of this area of warwick area especially area you know close to the east vintage bay and look at the early structure the early houses they were constructed especially close to the water because it is said that the chest was buried in a little in a forest between the house and the east greenwich bay in the forest in a in in a wooded area so that is very possible that we are looking at it right now we are looking at the area most likely where the chest was buried

on the underground

happy hunting so happy hunting happy treasure hunting and i tell you this is very interesting area here

but look at old maps that is very important look at the oldest buildings in this area right here and so

this is the only possible place for this chest to be very because behind me is rocky point park there used to be a roof and the construction of that park would not make it possible for anything to be buried and remain bad they would find it and find like this would make tremendous news nothing made news so the chest most likely still under the ground

as a side note behind me there is a former rocky point park it unfortunately um it was there was a fire and then the wrong people in charge and got completely uh she got shut down it was a big loss for the city of warwick it was an amazing beautiful place um now it’s nothing just old structures left uh behind me you see the the blue cement this is where this big giant swimming pool was i was filled of course behind me you see the uh metal structure of the part of the um so look how big this swimming pool was it was giant it was big and it was so much fun i remember a little so much fun for the kids and as you can see behind me the remnants of the chair lift with the cable hanging still you could view the park enjoy the ride but it’s all gone one last look before we say goodbye to the park the location was just amazing right on the water it’s gone you can see the chairlift still standing the grounds the location it was just amazing

as i’m coming back what caught my attention was that old puff here going back

with those large rock structures

ah this is a little railway trucks i wonder if this was part of the park

this is very cool very interesting i wonder if this was part of the park if anybody knows please leave a comment but it is destroyed now but large rocks look very interesting i’m still in the park area look at this cool little stream going by

completely abandoned it must have looked so nice at one point in time not too long ago

and that’s all is left

i’m still at the rocky point this is the type of forest where the chest possibly could be buried right in this area

also please comment perhaps giving me suggestions of new sites you want me to make a program about and share so we can form community of treasure hunters who cooperate with each other and so we can increase our chances of success

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