Treasure Hunting Connecticut Beacon Hill Falls-Branford-Brooklyn-Bridgeport Grovers Hill-Pequannock

Treasure Hunting Connecticut Beacon Hill Falls-Branford-Brooklyn-Bridgeport Grovers Hill-Pequannock

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The yellow reason the settlers first came to the new world was of course also known as gold and gold has been found right in beacon hill brook in new haven county spruce brook is one of the most beautiful ravines in the state and under the cliff along the pagasa trail are the remains of a native american chipping ground where they made arrowheads a lot of arrowheads are found right there it is an interesting that a shipping place for native americans is where thomas sanford invented matches the diamond match company the invention for ten dollars the temple islands just offshore in branford

contain over 100 small islands there but the most are just rocks protruding from the water basically a boring castle more than anything native american name for these islands meant beautiful sea rocks however there are some islands that are just large enough to have some lost loot buried on them one of those islands is called high island it is here that a kid treasure was buried in 1699. he said to have hidden his ship near this island in the natural harbor and that he used it for his connecticut headquarters another island that harbors kids treasure is money island here he buried treasure in an underwater cavern now of course bear in mind whether this was kids or another pirates that was attributed to kid it doesn’t really matter the fact is the clues are pointing us there

now in socket’s cave in north brantford valuable native american artifacts were discovered however the use of dynamite perhaps to open the cavern has blocked part of the main entrance unfortunately to the main cave

bridgeport now in this town which is also known as newfield and stratfield is located in fairfield county and the native american names which are important are

which means cleared field a battle with the pequots is said to have been fought near paris rock parker’s rock p o r t e r apostrophe s rock this was the side of a native american village as well during the revolutionary revolutionary war and also in the war of 1812 grover’s hill ford protected the harbor old ruins are found throughout the area the american steamer lexington was shipwrecked here bridgeport also claims to be the landing site for the norsemen they landed on the mouth of pequena river so as you can see a lot is going on historically speaking in bridgeport so it’s certainly a good idea to explore this area as well

now let’s talk a little bit about something called bristol mines which obviously they are uh located in bristol uh this town was also known if you look historically it was also known as new cambridge one of the minds was called penny pat named after one of the girlfriends of a miner and it is considered a very rich side but very hard to get to and two of the most distinguished mineralogists in that time uh professor stillman professor uh james dana whitney broughton both from yale examined the mine in 1855 and were amazed at the great quality of copper there and led also was founder and the reason why this is very exciting is because led because led is usually found with gold and silver and so everybody was hoping the gold is going to be found over there as well and it was found about 23 feet underground in the adjoining metal by everett horton in 1896 near his shop on oak street uh in 1907 so workmen escave excavating for the wallace barnes plant found six gold nuggets this was on west oak street so perhaps nuggets were washed down from the south mountain by ivybrook there was also soapstone quarry there according to native american legend on goose street relics of unfinished soapstone pieces were found native americans relics are basically arrowheads were found on grove street grove street and on top of kelly’s hill and these uh were thought to be the artifacts of the uh tung six tribe which uh it was non-work non-war-like tribe but they used the arrow heads as protection from the ever feared mohawks of new york

now there is another interesting place called witches rock which is rock is an area where cellar halls have been found near fall mountain if you enjoy this program please subscribe like it and share it a large pirate treasure is hidden in the town of brooklyn in windham county

just so you know

now many gems were found in a town called one

and those gems that were found there are not found anywhere else in new england the types of gems are various types of garnet barrel and tourmaline if you are interested in gemstones many american native american relics also have been found on the connected connecticut river in north chrome koscap is located it’s another city is located on mayanas river mia nus river the name comes from the name of a friendly native american chief who is buried in the old indian burial grounds just north of this point


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