Treasure Hunting Connecticut Milford-Fort Shantok-Bantam Lake-Morris–Tuxis Island-Charles Island

Treasure Hunting Connecticut Milford-Fort Shantok-Bantam Lake-Morris–Tuxis Island-Charles Island

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Old riverbeds are great places to look for gems and precious metals po gasa p-a-u-g-a-s-u-c-k the pogasac reservation was located in milford from 1675 to 1861. this was a battlefield in 1648 between the wepawog and milford tribe and the morgue nation the burepa walk defeated the mohawks in a swamp about one mile east of the ferry side charles island is located off silver sands state beach and has a long haunted treasure-rich history this tri-score cursed haunted island started as a place of conflict between the settlers and the native americans the we power we w-e-p-a-o-w-a-y

we power y or we power wag tribe who live here first the tribe believed that this was a sacred place connected to spirits a battle occurred with the settlers by the tribe laws it is said that the sachem or chief named ansan tawai put a curse on the island saying and the shelter will crumble to the earth and he shall be cursed it is said that the native american spirits guide guard the island and discourage any treasure seekers some legends state that the spirits of the powell gossip tribe who once lived here as well beheaded the pirates for bearing the treasure in the sacred land they are also the ones who made the treasure invisible to anyone who sought 25 ladies 25 years later captain kidd of course buried his treasure on charles island located of silver sands state beach under a place called hagrug in 1699. it is said that he stopped here while he was heading toward boston or kid might have buried treasure on stratford point the exact spot is vague anyway this thought goes that a chest was buried in 1699 and what was witnessed by residents this people said that the chess was buried by pirates and that they knew it was kid’s crew no less there have been coins from his era found under the sand so there might be something to the legend it is said that in 1850 two men did find a treasure chest by saw a shrilly wristling headless body wrapped in a flaming sheet plunged toward them from above and they ran away terrified by a flaming skeleton they went insane never to recover from the fright so many people have searched here that island that has many pits where no vegetation grows that is considered the second curse of the island by the pirate kid and his pirate ghost who protect his treasure as an interesting side note there is a documentation that kid did visit this area twice so to dismiss the legend out of hand might be an error on the treasure seekers part the third curse was placed here 22 years ago after kids visit five sailors buried a mexican emperor’s stolen treasure in a cave in 1721 the emperor cursed the treasure and those who stalled it if you enjoyed this program please subscribe like it and share it four out of all five sailors had a tragic death and the treasure was never recovered at the end of the 18th century a monastery was built on the island though the monks dismissed the native american curse many mysterious deaths suicide and insanity forced them to abandon the monastery the ruins can still be seen today in the 1950s a restaurant was opened but the little fire ended the enterprise hikers report seeing glowing objects hearing voices and even monks walking among the ruins the only access to the island is the causeway that only surfaces at a low tide do not dig on this island this is now a natural nature preserve posted with no trespassing science you can still explore it but just do not take on it by 2003 the island was uninhabited but people still see something on the beach going on by fishermen in the surrounding waters and when investigated there are no signs of the people or of people being on the beach on texas island t-u-x-i-s tuxes island or taxis island just offshore of milford a large amount of 18th century coins were supposedly found by campers in 1903 it is apparent that some sort of treasure can be found where a pirate left lost loot or a shipwreck nearby is giving coins to the lucky seeker small caches of pirate treasure stored in canvas bags iron kettles boxes and clay pots buried and forgotten or never retrieved because of premature death which was a common occurrence among pirates have been dug up periodically along the new england coast one such find usually begets another four pirate crews often left the ships together to bury their personal shares of puri ashore in the same general area taxis island near milford connecticut should be a good hunting ground for in 1903 a group of boys from the ymca camp located there found a great quantity of 18th century coins and some gold jewelry buried in the same city of monroe because on the boys halfway river in monroe there is a cave where silver was once searched for in 1820 exactly why someone felt that silver would


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