Treasure Hunting in Connecticut East Hartford -Money Island-Connecticut River Gillette castle

Treasure Hunting in Connecticut East Hartford -Money Island-Connecticut River Gillette castle

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Silver line is named for the silver coins that can be found in east hartford in 1781 general russian ball was marching through here to meet george washington’s army the soldiers were followed by wagons carrying chests filled with silver the center of this camp of his camp was on the present day silver lane the troops were paid with silver coins even in recent years silver coins have been discovered this road was also a native american path through the town there are many artifacts that still exist most likely beneath the earth there was also a native american battlefield near fort hill in 1656 there was a battle between the mohegans with unkas as the leader and the pardons the leader was sepano so again a great place to go and check it out

now if you’re interested in emeralds then listen to this emeralds were supposedly found on the west bank of the connecticut river opposite gillette castle in headline in 1919 the emeralds are really not native gem for connecticut so it has been suggested that perhaps smugglers buried items here there is a legend that somewhere on the gillette castle grounds is a cash of buried emeralds so that obviously the main cash was never found if that’s the case all right now in 1812 a british force landed at the exact spot where the essex river museum is today and destroyed 22 ships at the duck the british quickly took over the town and many colonial victorian victorian era artifacts are found here ever since this place was actually a dumping ground or garbage and everything dumped was buried this is the site also of the steamboat new england explosion in 1833. 15 of the passengers were killed in that explosion and the pieces of powdery found from the steamboat period are still all around so talking about rich place to explore okay now under lion rock in roger lake is said to be another kid treasure this is all within the same area now on seldon island or neck this was it is as it is called though there is no longer a neck to this island because it was was it was washed away native american artifacts are found in the northern part so there is so much area to cover and discover here so go check it out if you enjoyed this program please subscribe like it and share it glastonbury in 1971 along the old cold dark in the meadow hill area which is another native american burial site area and this sign was used from 500 bc to 580 a thousand years so imagine this stuff that can be found there and many things sure have been found many copper items were found including knives pottery and pendants for the uh usually for the neck and ear now in 1938 over 500 native americans artifacts were found at fairy lane many fashioned with copper it is believed that some artifacts in this area could be over ten thousand years old

there was a one gang fort located at red hill on the riverbank on present-day stockade stockade road it was abandoned during king philip’s war so talking about an incredible incredibly rich area to explore phillips cave is located on kong scott mountain in east glastonbury

it’s not named for the king philip as most philip uh places are named after though there is a native american connection why am i talking about phillips cave so first of all it was named after stanley phillips who found the site it was located at the east of forest lane and in 1957 it was a major discovery of native american artifacts including stone pendants fishtail arrow points and axes some of these artifacts were three thousand to four thousand years old uh but be aware that this cave is on the private property right now so obviously don’t add don’t even enter the area unless you have written permission
now around 2 million dollars in gold is said to be buried during revolutionary war for washington’s army in east granby in hartford county it was buried during a tory and native american raid in the vicinity of a tavern owned by captain bates
now let’s go to greenwich greenwich was called
by the native americans in 1644 native american bottles were fought here the native american village of patuco pine was located on the west side of strickland brook north of melbourne at costco, the town was attacked by general tyrant during american revolutionary at round hill
so again super interesting place to go visit especially to our treasure hunters now let’s move to groton the town of groton was the site of tres trading post in 1650 some of the bloodiest battles ever recorded were fought here and they were fought way before you know settlers came to this area they were between pequots and narragansetts this was the pequot hunting grounds there was a peakwood fort overlooking uh no one near groton on fort hill at wayne’s house i might be butchering some of those names but you can definitely find

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