Treasure Hunting in Hadley Mt Holyoke Titan Piazza Methuen Massachusetts

Treasure Hunting in Hadley Mt Holyoke Titan Piazza Methuen Massachusetts

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Hadley in hampshire county in massachusetts a significant battle in king philip’s war was fought here and the interesting part is that the people of Hadley actually won this battle they pushed back they repel the native americans now this site was also the site of native american fort skeletons have been found on the bluff overlooking the connecticut river here and the thought is that those skeletons are actually from that bottle uh interesting side note is that dinosaur trucks were dug up by farmer brothers harlan and carlton nash in 1802 and one of the trucks found in 1941 measured 23 feet long and they are over 200 million years old this is the place and in 1955 where nash quarry was created and many other dinosaur tracks have been found since that time today the dug up dinosaur trucks actually can be found in museums throughout western new england if you want to check them out now in south hudley on state 5 which was settled in 1659

there is a story that a gold bullion was buried in a cave now the pass of thermopylae it’s spelled t-h-e-r-m-o-p-y-l-a

is a colonial-made narrow rock passage through the foot of the mount holyoke which is 990 feet tall it’s right near the connecticut river the passage was created by constantly pouring water on that rock and of course uh it was taking away the granite and then it split now uh obviously the settlers would not have to climb over mount holyoke anymore they could go right through it titan’s piazza is a volcanic bluff that is found here it is classified as a world major natural phenomenon and many fossil footprints you can find them there is so-called devil’s football which is a 300 ton magnetic boulder and geologists think it was carried by the glaciers from deerfield or sunderland and the legend is that the devil kicked the boulder here from the devil’s garden at amherst march so this town was abandoned during king philip’s war and was known as swamp field at that time so i don’t have to tell you that incredible fines could turn out over there for a diligent treasure hunter if you enjoyed this program please subscribe like it and share it medwin massachusetts m-e-t-h-u-e-n

massachusetts mark and nathaniel gorilla buried a treasure around teeny castle t-e-n-n-e-y castle they buried the treasure in the 19th century now what happened is that they courted the same woman and she rejected both of them they became hermits never speaking to each other however both of them lived very close to each other as a matter of fact they lived on the same hill and after they died one of the residents of the town had a dream that a treasure was hidden in the wall of the tv castle it was searched and lo and behold twenty thousand dollars in bonds were found in the seller in one of the towers the ruins of this place can be found on danny fry’s hill in essex county maynard massachusetts now in 1720 in maynard a man named thomas smith is said to have buried a cache of silver and gold coins north of his house in the woods right on the assabet river a-s-s-a-b-e-t river turner’s falls turner’s falls is one of the main villages in montauki

m-o-n-t-a-q-u-e located on connecticut river so a man named alicia mack built the first dam on that river here and ice jam so in 1936 during severe winter an ice jam swept completely swept three bridges including the longest covered wooden bridge in the state that was uh that belonged to the boston and maine railroad and this is one of the few places where the northern tribes the sovereign tribes came here together to fish trade worship socialize so for that reason alone this place is an incredible place to explore but in addition it is also said that captain kidd also buried treasure here it is exactly the story goes that he buried this the treasure on kids island which is just above french king rock now his iron chest iron chest it’s said to be full of gold and jewels and that at that pirate does guard this treasure and the reason why this particular story is significant because it is told by kids african cook okay he had an african cook on his ship now why french king rug why is name that way uh not really no uh because well this is where king philip would uh sun bake his fish it’s interesting because uh the fish is called shot they were caught uh by the falls still you know king philip is a native american he’s not a french king so we don’t really know why the name was french king rock let’s move on to the smallest town in the state of massachusetts called mount washington because a lot of things happen here the southwestern part of the town is called boston corner and why it was named that way some say it was because it’s the furthest play you could get away from boston and still be in massachusetts now

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