Treasure Hunting in Massachusetts Groton-Berkshire Cave-Hatfield-Hingham-Ipswich Bay-Salisbury Beach

Treasure Hunting in Massachusetts Groton-Berkshire Cave-Hatfield-Hingham-Ipswich Bay-Salisbury Beach

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A band of native american nipmacs attacked and destroyed groton during king philip’s war in 1676. many men women and children were killed here and it is said that the ghostly screams of those killed can still be heard if one listens closely there is a native american legend in hotfield close by that uh in 1675 over 800 native americans were slaughtered here and the woman who supposedly betrayed them was drawn to dogs who tore her apart native american attacks caused the town eventually to be abandoned in 1670 but it was repopulated later on it is a very sad story one after another but it is a great place to explore hingham massachusetts so in hingham there are remains of a settler for details of exactly where this fort is are very vague however for diligent treasure hunter nothing is impossible if you figure out where this fort was located i cannot tell you the the rewards you might you might have from that research holyoke massachusetts
In holyoke men many native americans arrowheads have been discovered so it’s a great place to explore as well now uh dinosaur trucks again they seem to be everywhere but here the dinosaur trucks have been discovered on the west bank of connecticut river and those trucks are over 150 million years old so check them out
lakeville massachusetts lakeville is the site of a native american village as well as burial ground um lancaster another town was actually attacked during king philip’s war so those places again are are very interesting and should be

checked out should be uh it’s a good place to explore now the town of hannington in massachusetts was also a skirmish site

in chase rebellion salisbury beach massachusetts the schooner jenny m carter wrecked of salisbury beach in 1894 actually grace ledge is also known as salisbury pinnacle and so there goes the legend a very good clue for us that about 175 thousand dollars was buried in salisbury

the details however are fairly vague

as far as what exactly or who buried that ipswich bay

massachusetts the schooner mexican wrecked at ipswich bay in 1890 and coins were found washed ashore west lanesboro massachusetts

so in west lanesboro baker’s quarry cave is located and it is a marble cave so the solid marble cave is considered one of the most beautiful caves in new england

along the border of massachusetts and new york there are three caves in the so-called taconic range and the reason why i’m referring to them is because they were used by counterfeiters

and especially the one near lanesboro

on the western shoulder of a constitutional hill

the names of the caves are crevice cave counterfeiters cave and belcher’s cave

the road that leads to those caves is called silver street because of obviously the fake silver coins that were produced there now counterfeiters cave is very interesting because there is a 75 foot tall waterfall which guards the entrance to that cave now the cave actually crumbled and it’s inaccessible right now and it’s considered the lost cave

located in pittsfield state forest now in 1890s counterfeiters used to melt silver uh to make their fake coins uh and during a flood a slob of rock fell over the entrance of the cave and it is possible that there still might be fake silver coins left in the cave

now crevice cave is basically a one large opening above a brook

constitutional hell got its name from the historical speech given there by jonathan smith which is said to change the history of massachusetts adopting a national convention belcher’s cave is a 30 feet long cave located on bang hill

now this cave is especially of interest because

this was the cave where the most brazen counterfeiters and the most important counterfeiters at that time in new england history worked there this is where they set up shop it is where the fake money was made and they actually named it for the leader of the group gail belcher fake coins dated 1834 were actually found in a burlap sack by some group of boys who were in the area exploring it right on rattlesnake infested mountain now in north section of lanesboro there was an old house called the bradley house this was a british headquarters in 1777 when bullcoin’s soldiers passed through after they were defeated at saratoga they stopped there

and it is said that the quartermaster actually hit

a bag of gold and the interesting thing is that when they returned the bag vanished and no gold was found so it’s either they forgot what they have had it or somebody just took it in either case it’s interesting place to explore possibly

the original name for pittsfield was pontussak plantation

and this area is was known for a lot of attacks from native americans and it is said that ghostly voices are still heard around pontus lake and that they speak in the native american

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