Treasure Hunting in Massachusetts Leominster Lynn Marblehead Martha's Vineyard

Treasure Hunting in Massachusetts Leominster Lynn Marblehead Martha's Vineyard

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Lowminster or Leominster Massachusetts native americans relics have been found in leominster and there is also a claim to this town that it is a landing site of vikings lynn massachusetts lin was
settled in 1629 and actually is named after a famous britain
meaning the place of spreading waters lynn beach was the place where the native americans guarded to prove the skill and the strength and it is also a site where many shipwrecks uh occurred not only the park vernon in 1859 or the english merchant man pembroke in 1766
that ship along carried 200 000 sterling in silver coins and the coin still can be found on the beach after a high tide or a large ocean storm
dungeon rock is super interesting place it’s where the pirates
set to bury many treasures today it is a park and officially searching and digging uh for this treasure is highly discouraged so you really have to work with the local officials make sure you obey every law or regulations there the legend is that a huge cave used to be at the mouth of sagas river and it was destroyed uh most likely by the earthquake in 1658 it is said that pirates hung light signals from the latter rock you know to fool the small boats and the big boats doing their own ranking but it is also said that they would give the signals for the comrades to come to secretly hide their loot now the pirate the very famous pirate thomas veal
is said that he has been buried alive or crushed by the big rocks that tip over the entrance of the cave during an earthquake and they say that his ghost is guarding the treasure that to be sure is that in that cave before 1658 in order to disguise his uh format pirate life he set up uh a coupler shop schumacher shop as cover now view was the only one of four pirates who who came who escaped uh the british forces he was the only one who survived because the the three of his comrades were captured and hanged
now that shoemaker shop could still be seen as late as 1844.
there are many stories of outlaws who hung out in that area one of them says that they captured an english princess and murdered her there
so as a side note that claims that the earthquake the great earthquake of 1658 happened right in the middle of hurricane
and something catastrophic happened in that spot
now in 1830s there were two attempts to blow up the rock covering the entrance to the to the to the cave but all they did was destroy totally completely the entrance to that cave
but again it is interesting place to to do some um exploring nevertheless many years ago four men are said to have sailed this saugus river and stopped at sergus iron works to buy tubes shovels
and other digging tools and they asked that the tools be delivered at the place called pirates glen and the payment would be waiting for them in silver bars and so the tools were delivered but no one was there you know to claim them so they just they just left them there the money was there they left the tools and no one ever saw those men again
marble had massachusetts so many privateers and mooncasters records as they are called made a living in barneygat district b-a-r-n-e-g-a-t
district and many pirates smugglers were actually welcomed there and it would they were actually hiding at fountain inn in 1722
very well known pirate edward law plundered at least 13 ships near marblehead john quelch also suppose as we talked i think before already we mentioned that have buried treasure here on snake island nearby there is uh an offshore island called satan rock a place where many wrecks occurred and treasure hunters have found large amounts of 18th century english spanish and other coins in that era they also in that area the steamer norsemen wrecked right off tom moore rock in 1899

the story of a screaming or a screeching woman i started on ocom beach o-a-k-u-m beach in 1680 now the story goes a strange spanish loaded with treasure is said to enter the harbor when the men were fishing on the grand banks the ship has been attacked by pirates and all crew and passengers were killed except for one for that woman the pirate the pirate’s crew for some reason not really known by us brought her to the beach cut off her ring finger

maybe because they wanted her a ring they murdered her right on that beach and then woman screamed on the beach for help however the residents who heard her screams could do nothing about it because they would be murdered by the para pirates if they helped her the next day they found her body they buried the woman on the beach and to this day they hear her cries for help now this place is very interesting obviously for obvious reasons to the treasure hunter martha’s vineyard massachusetts now marta’s vineyard is so interesting for so many reasons but let’s just focus on important points


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