Treasure Hunting New Hampshire Pennichuck Pond-Marie Antoinette lost Diamond Nckless

Treasure Hunting New Hampshire Pennichuck Pond-Marie Antoinette lost Diamond Nckless

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Pennychuck Pond spelled p-e-n-n-i-c-h-u-c-k
pond is a small lake located a little over two miles away from nashua new hampshire and holds the most fabulous treasure ever known to this country an incredible diamond necklace commissioned in france by marie antoinette in 1788 marie antoinette was the wife of king louis xvi uh who of course we know was guillotine he was the last french king in 1788 marie antoinette hired a famous french jeweler to design and to fabricate the most elaborate diamond necklace the world has ever seen her agents went throughout europe to search and purchase the finest diamonds available after the necklace was crafted it was described as the most stunning and extraordinarily beautiful crafted piece of jewelry the world has ever seen with dozens of very large and superbly cut diamonds the cost at the time was equivalent to about 1 million dollars at the same time the french revolution was picking up steam and marie antoinette was more and more concerned that the peasants would confiscate her precious jewels including the necklace and so she packed the necklace into a small box made of metal and hid it in the wooden trunk along with other items other jewelry and shipped it to eastern canada which contain many loyal frenchmen
in the meantime the french revolution reached its bloody climax and marie antoinette was guillotined in 1793
and even though the person in charge of the necklace was never identified around 1790 so the three years before had death a french man with an indian companion brought a wooden trunk from canada into maine and consequently into new hampshire they stayed in nashua for about a week behaving in a very secret ways and talking to almost no one in town and then they parked the wagon rode away towards northwest and only about two months later they turned southwest and kept going next right next to the penny chuck brook

a few minutes later they ended up penny chuck pond build the cavender and settle in for the next several years they would not receive anyone at the cabin and the indian had to return to canada several times but on his last trip the frenchman was so worried about the safety of the trunk that he buried it on the shore of the lake placing a large rock on top of it

before his indian companion returned the frenchman died the indian buried him and then he returned to canada while in canada he wondered what happened to the trunk but when going through the frenchman’s belongings he came across an entry in his journal stating that the trunk was buried under the rock on the shore of the lake not until 20 years later indian returned to new hampshire to the pond looking for the trunk but found many rocks on the shore and could not locate it uh he actually came back with a constable and together they looked back but could not find it many treasure hunters tried to locate it years after but without results in 1983 boy scouts who camped on the shore of penny chuck pond found sticking pieces of wood old wood out of the sands remnants of the wooden chest as they confirmed later through the troop leader actually was more knowledgeable obviously it will happen and he confirmed that this this was so old and and had the luck and everything was definitely the chest the wooden chest so that the remnants of that wooden chest were right near the area of the waterline of the lake and of course the scoutmaster knowing the story of the lost diamond necklace looked with boy scouts for it but despite the efforts nothing was found if discovered this diamond necklace would most likely be worth at least tens of millions of dollars most likely priceless today and possibly it just lies below the surface in a metal box if you enjoy this program please like it subscribe it and share it here is additional information from previous video on sandy gordon a ruthless evil and fearless pirate in early 18th century considered by others as insane as well so he has accumulated an incredible wealth in gold and silver coins that remain buried to this day on white island new hampshire so as a young lad sandy gordon was always in trouble to the point that parents threw him out of the house and he wandered the street spending most of his young life in jail he started his career as pirate on the ship called porpoise where he was so disappointed with his duties of constantly cleaning the deck and polishing brass fittings and painting and so on which he considered insanely boring so he started stealing from his fellow sailors to make it time pass by more interestingly the captain of that ship was john herring he had with him an 18 year old daughter which was not considered a good idea in those days and a bad luck among the sailors young gordon often would find a way to talk to the young girl

martha herring was her name in a short time the two of them became very friendly and started meeting in secret so when one of these days he


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