Treasure Hunting Warwick Rhode Island Shipwrecks and Moses Green House

Treasure Hunting Warwick Rhode Island Shipwrecks and Moses Green House

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Guess where i’m standing i’m standing in front of moses greenhouse built in 1750. this house has been used for early smugglers in rhode island to avoid taxes and they would smuggle all kinds of goods into this milk cove that i’ll show you a little bit in a little bit in few minutes they smuggled not just goods but also

and this house is known to have secret uh hiding room in the basement that was covered by a big door on the on a railroad tracks okay so you had to move it uh on the on those rail trucks in order to open that secret room so let’s take a look it’s an incredible incredible site it was built in 1750 just like a peter greenhouse a little bit further down i’ll show you in a second

so this is the milk cove in huawei rhode island you know 1750 we’re talking about almost 300 years and that’s where our early rhode islanders were smuggling their goods to avoid the british taxes that’s where moses green house is and as we walk away from that cove you will see that this is uh just a regular neighborhood residential neighborhood right now and somebody actually lives in that

house moses greenhouse which you can see behind me we’ll get closer again so again this is the moses greenhouse from the other side and we just came from right here from milk cove that’s what all the action was with the smuggling

pretty cool so i’m standing in front of peter greenhouse which is built the same year 1715 as moses uh green so let’s take a look here we are so peter green uh was actually a captain and i will tell you a little bit more about him he was a very interesting character as well but as you can see this is a very old ground a lot of action happened around here a lot of action it would be worth visiting 1750.

we are on our way

to a cove right near gaspi almost pretty much walking distance where i will show you the location of two shipwrecks one of them is especially interesting because it was a yacht

so we are here at occupation where we call in warwick

so we approach

the harbour the little cove at low tide


i will show you a couple of shipwrecks here

it looks very interesting um what is retrieved this is right down from gaspi point which is right there

so this is an interesting

cove little cove in warwick and you can see further down green island which the access to it

is available right now at low tide you can walk to it through the water it will be maybe to your waist during high tide

you can’t really walk through you might have to swim to it but right there close to green island that is one of the shipwrecks

that shipwreck over there is just a traditional um

ship that was carrying wood nothing excited about it but to your right i will show you a shipwreck of a schooner that is very interesting so let’s get closer to that shipwreck and see what this is all about now i know a little bit about it and it was a schooner

they do actual they do research on it i believe

because they don’t know much about it either there’s not much information but isn’t that cool look at this how cool that is

thanks to low tide you can see clearly the shape of that boat that shipwrecked right right here

it’s certainly anchored right here by the mod

and rocks

so let’s permission the board

i am right

on board of that shipwreck

very interesting

interesting area to explore

it’s a very shallow cove

as you can see you can walk to the island green island but there’s another shipwreck there

in case you don’t believe me that i’m actually standing on the shipwreck itself

yeah it is

it’s part of it is submerged even at the low tide this is very interesting area to explore so i’m walking towards green island we’ll see how far can i get i’m not prepared to cross the water


during high tide all of this is completely submerged it’s underwater

now i’ve been fishing here

which is located right on the green island

up close it’s wood beams

we’re getting closer

look at this this is the other shipwreck right here i have to do quick because i cannot cross back see this is the beginning of the shift so during low tide is completely uncovered see the beams unbelievable i wasn’t here during this time of extremely low tide like this

which is as you can see behind me but now i’m really not prepared to cross the waters hopefully i will be able to still cross safely without getting wet after my waist

so i’m gonna have to go back now

all right mission accomplished so almost back but this is the place where we went first to the first shipwreck now we are almost on a dry land normally this is under the water as well but because of low tide we are crossing its style back looks a little bit like a iron place well i’m back safely on land
and i’m gonna have to climb the hill to get back to civilization looking for my passage


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