True Tales of Buried Treasure: Lost Texan Treasures

True Tales of Buried Treasure: Lost Texan Treasures

In this video, we look at three condensed summaries of stories which appeared in the February 1993 issue of the magazine ‘Western & Eastern Treasures.’ The stories which appear in this magazine include:

– Low Tide in the Bronx, by Michael Chaplan
– Unexpected but Detected, by David Porter
– The Value of the Coin, by James C. Carnahan
– Water Hunting in a Drought, Terry Cantin
– Big Bucks for Little Diamonds, by Joe Clark
– Think Big, by Joe Clark
– Old-Timer’s Tip Leads to Gold, by David R. Troussaint
– An Evening With Kenny Wray, by Steven L. Kweskin
– Take a Tip From Me, by Bill Schember
– Field Testing the Fisher M-Scope CZ-5 QuickSilver, by Ben Myers
– My First Anniversary, by Ed Masterson
– Neither Ice Nor Snow, by David Lloyd
– The One and Only, by Joseph Vandervest
– The Rewards are Bountiful, by Harry Gerlach
– FMDAC Convention and Treasure Weekend ’92 Reno, Nevada, by Amy Maruso
– Old Roads to New Riches, by Delos Toole
– Texas Republic Archaeological Recoveries, by Bobby McKinney
– Old Sites and Older Finds, by Bill Sargent
– Know the Quantity of Your Quality, by John R. Fox
– Hearing Loss and Recovery, by Ed Ruff
– A Little Bit of Adventure, by H. Glenn Carson


  1. @TheGravitywerks on December 30, 2023 at 8:42 am

    New York is a long way from Texas…..thanks for half of the video.

  2. @voixdelaraison593 on December 30, 2023 at 8:54 am

    Don’t forget that Mexico made it illegal to own slaves & the Texans said that was an “injustice” they were unwilling to stand for.

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