Vintage Maps of Lost Treasures | Turn your TV into Art | 25 HD Maps | 1 Hour | With Music

Vintage Maps of Lost Treasures | Turn your TV into Art | 25 HD Maps | 1 Hour | With Music

Vintage Maps of Lost Treasures Collection: Turn your TV into a conversational unit with these beautiful and unique pieces of hand-drawn historical art-pieces. Each of the 25 lost treasure site map segments run approximately 2.5 minutes. Maps are of the supposed general area of the lost treasures. Music is relaxing. Thank-you USGS for making these images available.

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Vintage USGS Maps Gallery:
00:00 Intro
00:06 The Beale Ciphers (Gold, Silver, Jewels): Bedford County, Virginia USGS Map, 1947
02:30 Isle Royale Buried Treasure (Hidden Treasure): Waddington, New York USGS Map, 1905
04:54 The Old Spanish Treasure Cave (Hidden Treasures): Sulphur Springs, Arkansas USGS Map, 1899
07:18 Recluse Treasure (Gold, Silver): Hicksville, New York USGS Map, 1897
09:42 Mosby’s Treasure (Gold, Silver, Jewelry): Fairfax County, Virginia USGS Map, 1894
12:06 Blackbeards Treasure (Silver): Islands at Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire USGS Map, 1943
14:31 East Idaho Stagecoach Robbery (Gold): Portneuf Canyon, Idaho USGS Map, 1937
16:55 Captain Thomas Cavendish Treasure at Palemano Point (Gold, Silver): Palemano Point, Hawaii USGS Map, 1928
19:19 Pennsylvania Civil War Gold: Dent’s Run, Pennsylvania USGS Map, 1941
21:43 John Dillinger’s Small Bills (Cash): Manitowish, Wisconsin USGS Map, 1939
24:07 Oregon Spanish Shipwreck (Gold): Nehalem Spit, Oregon USGS Map, 1937
26:31 Jesse James Loot (Hidden Treasure): Robbers Cave, Oklahoma USGS Map, 1901
28:55 Dutch Schultz’s Hidden Treasure (Cash, Bonds): Catskill Mountains, New York USGS Map, 1904
31:19 The Bellamy Treasure (Hidden Treasures): Machiasport, Maine USGS Map, 1918
33:43 Sierra Estrella Buried Gold: Estrella Mountains, Arizona USGS Map, 1912
36:07 Butlerbury Mansion Treasure (Gold): Fonda, New York USGS Map, 1896
38:31 Revolutionary War Treasure (Gold): Rome, New York USGS Map, 1895
40:55 Moses Follensby’s Treasure (Gold): Tupper Lake, New York USGS Map, 1904
43:19 Lost Dutchman’s Mine (Gold): Superstition Mountains, Arizona USGS Map, 1900
45:43 Lost Josephine Mine (Gold, Silver): High Uintah’s, Utah USGS Map, 1885
48:07 Lost River of Gold (Gold): Kokoweef Peak, California USGS Map, 1910
50:31 Butch Cassidy Castle Gate Robbery (Cash): Robbers Roost Canyon, Utah USGS Map, 1885
52:55 Egyption City-Grand Canyon (Relics, Statutes): Grand Canyon, Arizona USGS Map, 1891
55:19 Tumacacori Mission (Gold): Tumacacori, Arizona USGS Map, 1920
57:43 Captain Kidd Treasure (Gold): Cape May Point, New Jersey USGS Map, 1888

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